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Matrix Farm is a sustainable integrated flagship income generation farm that focuses on the production of high yielding crop (out door and Greenhouse), rearing of Animals, Transformation of Agricultural products and medicinal plants, training up to 1,000 farmers per year in organic commercial integrated agriculture for sustained income generation and food security while protecting the environment through waste management techniques and nature protection. We have strategically chosen higher value marketable products to produce so as to target both local and niche/broader markets. The goal after three to five years is to establish a core of functioning agricultural sectors capable of producing and marketing high quality, high value agricultural products. The long-term vision of Matrix Farms Ltd is a youth-led agricultural value chain whereby young persons are participants in every facet of the production cycle: producers, processors, distributors, managers and owners.

Benefits of Greenhouse Farming

Increased Production

Greenhouse farming can increase crop production because you can create the optimal climate conditions needed for plant growth and grow more plants per square foot than growing crops in an open field.

Minimizing Production Risks

Being in an enclosed space prevents crops from suffering damage from extreme climate-related events such as sudden increases or drops in temperature. It can also keep crops away from birds and other animals that may harm crops.

Maximizing Profits

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